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Head Towel - Autumn Pink

Our hair towel turbans are a great addition to the hair-care and beauty market and are quickly replacing the traditional bulky towels that you wrap around your heads after a shower or bath.

Made from ultra-absorbent lightweight materials, a quick-dry hair towel is perfect for all hair types: curly hair, delicate hair, straight hair or for anyone who wants to protect their hair from damage.

These simple beauty items make a big difference in your beauty routine and your hair health. Plus allowing you to perform other tasks while your hair is drying - naturally.

Our hair towels will dry hair evenly and gently, allowing you to cut down on the amount your hair is exposed to harmful additional heat-styling and hair drying.

There are two different method to fasten the turban to your head as illustrated,
either to the front or to the back.

We produce two types of lightweight fully printed hair turbans on demand.
Microfibre and our Premium Towel made from a microfibre blend and 100% cotton Terry Towelling.
Size Approx: 70x26cm with over 45 different designs.