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The seller specialises in custom printed goods, which cannot be resold if returned.  For this reason, the supplier cannot accept returns if the buyer has just changed their mind.

If there is a fault with the product, the supplier will launch an investigation to determine who is held responsible.  The seller may request the buyer to send the item back to investigate. Until the responsible party is determined the return postage will be the buyers’ responsibility.

If the supplier concludes a third company or the buyer is responsible no free replacement or refund will be given.

Is the supplier concludes the issue is due to themselves, they will send an exact replacement out.  If the product is no longer needed a credit of the item(s) value at the time of purchase will be issued for the buyer to spend with the supplier.

It is the buyers responsibility to inspect goods before signing for delivery, ensuring quantity.  It is also the buyers responsibility to inspect the goods at their property before installation or display.  Inspection should cover substrate used, colours, print quality, dimensions, perimeter or other finishing, the appearance of the Goods when they are backlit (if that is to be their use).  Any faulty items must be reported in writing within 5 days of receiving delivery. 

The seller charges for artwork checks and proofing.  If the buyer has not paid for checks to the artwork the supplier cannot be held responsible for any spelling, colour or artwork mistakes.  Likewise, once a proof has been approved errors, such as spelling, and composition is the customers responsibility and not the suppliers.